Academic Skills

Learning Strategies

Often, college level courses require you to do a majority of studying outside of class. If you are like most students you have limited time, so we want to help you study effectively and efficiently.

Learning Modules

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Learning Strategies

This module will take approximately 12 minutes (or about 30 minutes with added video and activities).

Communicating with Faculty

This module will take approximately 6 minutes (or about 10-15 minutes with added video and activities).

Resource Documents

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  ▪  Create cards with concepts and definitions memorization technique
  ▪  Create an 8 day plan for studying for an exam or quiz
  ▪  Review the important steps of studying, from before class preparation to assessing your knowledge of the material
  ▪  Spread out your study time to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  ▪  Use active strategies to gain a deeper understanding of material and better retention of information
  ▪  Learn self-care, mental health, wellness, and general learning tips for best test taking strategies

If you want to go deeper into any of the content or learn more about how each topic applies to you, meet with an Academic Skills Tutor or attend a FREE Workshop. We are here to support you!