Technology Workshops and Tutoring

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Technology Workshops and Tutoring

Do you frequently work with Excel, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft Office programs? Come join us for workshops and drop-in tutoring where you can learn about features, get ideas, or practice using technology before your next project. These workshops are provided by THINK TANK in partnership with DRC and Microsoft. 

Technology Workshops

During fall and spring semesters, THINK TANK offers free workshops where you can learn how to utilize technology to enhance your education. The workshop series utilize Microsoft applications to show you tips, tricks, and features that can help you master your use of the applications. Topics Include: 

  • How To Make OneNote Work For You
  • Maximizing PowerPoint To Effectively Enhance Learning
  • Customization Tools In Microsoft Teams
  • Accessibility And Helpful Features In Microsoft Products

Watch Tech Mini-Clips

Feel free to browse these mini clips of neat technology tips and strategies that can enhance your project or assignment: 

Resource Description
Filtering in Excel Organize, format, and customize data in easy steps
Pivot Tables in Excel Utilize Pivot tables to make decisions
V Lookup in Excel Learn a powerful tool to find, compare, and edit data
Charting Across Microsoft Apps Learn how to chart and graph on various Microsoft applications
Editing Videos in PowerPoint Learn how to edit, upload, and arrange videos in your PowerPoint presentation 
Recording PowerPoint Presentations Record narration, presentations, and screen sharing for your presentations.  
XLookup in Excel Learn how to lookup data and obtain multiple results 
Microsoft Forms Create surveys, quizzes and polls to collect responses