Our Mission

To empower University of Arizona students by providing a positive environment where they can master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Every University of Arizona student provides us with the opportunity to discover new ways of learning. By offering a wide range of programs and services, we encourage students to apply and refine transferable skills that will sustain them throughout their academic and professional lives. Strengthened by our partnerships, application of research, and use of technology, we create diverse learning environments that promote academic and personal exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Diversity Statement

THINK TANK recognizes the centrality of a diverse learning environment (DLE) to the development of the habits of mind necessary to enhance life-long learning.  As such, we are committed to an innovative approach to pedagogy and programming in order to focus on and promote the following essential elements of a DLE:

  • Intentionality in our organizational and compositional decision-making.
  • Recognition and understanding of intersectionality and its impact on academic and career success.
  • A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that promotes development of agency and self-efficacy.
  • Validation of individuals by building on their social, academic, and professional strengths, experiences, and goals.

Code of Ethics

THINK TANK strives to be a world-class learning center. In order to do so, THINK TANK staff adheres to all university policies and procedures, including the standards delineated in the University of Arizona’s Code of Ethics. We expect a high standard of conduct in all areas by all staff and visitors. Our mission can only be accomplished if the staff at THINK TANK, including student employees, and our partners and visitors value and practice the following principles in every aspect of our work:

THINK TANK sets a high standard of EXCELLENCE by:

  • Providing a wide variety of student support in line with best practices in relevant fields
  • Working with other university departments, campus partners and other community groups
  • Making all decisions and actions so as to maximize all students’ academic success

THINK TANK promotes and encourages INNOVATION by:

  • Offering support from all supervisors
  • Encouraging and providing professional development opportunities for all employees
  • Welcoming and encouraging creativity from all employees, partners and visitors


  • Promoting and welcoming diversity
  • Viewing and understanding each person and situation holistically
  • Collaborating on a regular basis among ourselves as well as with campus partners and other organizations

THINK TANK demonstrates INTEGRITY by:

  • Maintaining a high level of privacy for clients and fellow staff
  • Ensuring all programmatic decisions reinforce academic honesty with all students with whom we interact
  • Being respectful in all interactions and communications

Our Division: Student Success & Retention Innovation

Student Success & Retention Innovation (SSRI) supports the success of all undergraduates at the University of Arizona. SSRI seeks to increase retention and graduation rates through strengths-based programming, evidence-based practices, and robust assessment. SSRI serves as a leader in public higher education for student success and degree completion. The SSRI division includes six distinct departments: the Advising Resource Center, C.A.T.S. Academics, the SALT Center, THINK TANK, the Thrive Center, and the Transfer Student Center.

Learn more: studentsuccess.arizona.edu