Faculty Connection

The faculty at Arizona play a critical role in the collaboration necessary for us to fulfill our mission. We value your input and support. We invite you to come visit us. We welcome you to volunteer time at THINK TANK.

Please consider linking the learning resources found on this site to class D2L pages. THINK TANK staff are available to visit classes and inform students about the resources available to them.

Below are links to each service area and the service's coordinator.

Academic Recovery
Contact: Angel Navarro, Learning Specialist Coordinator

Academic Skills Tutoring
Contact: Angel Navarro, Learning Specialist Coordinator

Schedule for Success
Contact: Caitlin Kerrigan, Associate Director

Supplemental Instruction
Contact: Marco Ortiz, Director

Test Prep (GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, SAT, and ACT)
Contact: Marco Ortiz, Director, (520) 626-1916

Course-Specific Tutoring

Contact: Marco Ortiz, Director

Writing Support
Contact: Nick Cenegy, Assistant Director of Writing Support

Math & Science Support
Contact: Marco Ortiz, Director