Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Skills Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Want to find a different way to take notes, prepare for exams, manage your time, or even organize your assignments? We cover it all in our FREE Academic Skills Workshops.

Workshops By Request

Do you have a class or group meeting that might benefit from an Academic Skills Workshop? We can deliver FREE presentations on the academic skills needed to get through college.

Please note: Our workshops are designed for classes or groups, not for an individual student. If you’re interested in one of our workshop topics but can’t attend on the given date, please visit Peer Academic Coaching Drop-in.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a workshop for any University of Arizona course, student organization, or program. To submit a workshop request, please visit the Request an Academic Skills Workshop page.

You should receive confirmation that we have received your request within 3 business (M-F) days. After that, we will reach out to our staff to find someone to present the workshop. Within six business days of the initial request, we will respond to let you know which of the proposed times we are able to present a workshop, or if we are unable to fulfill the request.

Once the time and day is confirmed, we suggest you reserve a room or technology if needed. Two days prior to the confirmed date, we will reach out with a final confirmation and handouts that will be used.

The host is expected to provide copies of the handouts for participants as well as a laptop and projector for the presentation.

Workshops for the University of Arizona campus are free! However, there may be a cost associated with renting a room or renting technology (if done through the Student Union). University affiliates can borrow laptops and projectors from the University Libraries for no cost. University offices and organizations may also be able to reserve meeting rooms in the Student Union or reserve classroom space through the registrar for no cost. THINK TANK is not responsible for any costs incurred.

For small groups, the library has several meeting spaces that can be reserved. Larger groups may want to look at options for reserving rooms in the Student Union or reserving a classroom through the registrar.

We recommend requesting workshops at least one week in advance. If you have a custom request or will need to reserve a room specifically for the workshop, we encourage you to request the workshop at least two weeks in advance. We do not guarantee that we will be able to fill each request, regardless of how far in advance it is requested, but we will always try to fulfill each request.

Workshops are planned to be 50 minutes long. If you would like a shorter version, please let us know.

We offer a variety of workshop topics, days, times, in-person and online throughout the semester!
For a complete schedule of available workshops, visit the THINK TANK workshops page.