Supplemental Instruction Leader


As part of THINK TANK at the University of Arizona, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides academic support for students who are enrolled in historically difficult courses. SI Leaders attend all lectures alongside students enrolled in the course to ensure they are up-to-date on the material, and that sessions are tailored to course, section, and professor specific content. In SI sessions, SI Leaders do not re-lecture or introduce new material; rather, SI Leaders are trained to plan group study activities with pertinent course content in mind, to maximize active student collaboration, and to integrate how-to-learn information and skills into sessions for students to adopt. As a result, students who attend SI sessions understand the material better, build connections with other students in the class, learn how to succeed in their academic careers, and develop self-efficacy in learning.

This is a paid position, and SI Leaders are expected to work 10-12 hours per week. SI Leaders report to one of three Supplemental Instruction Coordinators, each of whom supervises a specific set of courses.

Academic and Professional Benefits

As an SI Leader, you could expect to receive several benefits from the position such as: a deeper grasp on content material in courses relevant to your career/academic goals, the chance to build relationships with professional staff and professors, and access to several opportunities for professional growth and development that can make you competitive for entry level positions, internships, and post-graduate studies. Previous SI Leaders have commonly utilized this experience to gain acceptance to graduate school, medical school, nursing school, pharmacy school, internships, full-time jobs, etc. Professional staff and faculty commonly offer support for SI Leaders who excel, demonstrate professionalism, and who generally strive to create a positive impression. Ongoing trainings and further opportunities are often designed with professional growth and development in mind.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Principal responsibilities of SI Leaders:

  • Create session plans for 3 SI sessions per week:
    • Utilize knowledge of content and training in education to plan study group activities to help students better understand content and develop positive learning habits
    • Incorporate time management into the organization of activities and selection of content
    • Prepare for a variety of contingencies, including but not limited to the number of attendees
  • Facilitate 3 SI sessions per week:
    • Use techniques and skills obtained in training to lead groups of students through an effective and efficient session you’ve created to help students study, master content, and develop positive habits for successful students
    • Foster a welcoming environment that encourages learning and collaboration, and normalizes the use of university resources for students
  • Attend all lectures,  demonstrate model student behavior, assist professors with in class activities:
    • Arrive to class on time, be attentive, take good notes, and assist the professor as needed
  • Professionally connect with students when appropriate in class:
    • Assist students with content
    • Market/advertise SI sessions to encourage attendance
  • Attend regularly scheduled SI team meetings:
    • Ongoing training and professional development
  • Accurately and clearly track and submit attendance data, as instructed in training

Additional duties may be assigned, as needed.


To be considered for this position, applicants must:

  • Have already taken this course & earned a final grade of either A or B
  • Be able to attend all lectures in the assigned course and section
  • Be available to lead 3 hours of SI sessions each week (times to be worked out with the SI Coordinator)
  • Be available for mandatory SI Leader training (to be scheduled before the first day of classes)
  • Successfully complete human resource on-line training before the first day of SI Leader training


Starting SI Leaders earn $15.25/hour with a wage increases after completing required semester trainings. In general, SI Leaders are expected to work ~10-12 hours/week.

Diversity Statement

THINK TANK recognizes the centrality of a diverse learning environment (DLE) to the development of the habits of mind necessary to enhance life-long learning.  As such, we are committed to an innovative approach to pedagogy and programming in order to focus on and promote the following essential elements of a DLE:

  • Intentionality in our organizational and compositional decision-making.
  • Recognition and understanding of intersectionality and its impact on academic and career success.
  • A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that promotes development of agency and self-efficacy.
  • Validation of individuals by building on their social, academic, and professional strengths, experiences, and goals.

How to Apply


  • Currently accepting applications for Fall 2024.
  • Courses of interest include:
    • CHEM 130, 151, 152, 241A/B
    • MCB 181R
    • NSC 170C1
    • PHYS 141, 241
    • PSIO 201, 202
    • SPAN 160C1

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