Drop-In Tutoring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is a free service offered to all University of Arizona students. Tutoring helps students to improve subject comprehension, develop learning skills, and receive individualized attention for their subject matter.

Tutors can assist students with the concepts and principals involved with the homework and the course. We recommend that you attempt the concept independently before coming in; however, if you aren't sure where to begin, our tutors will help you work through the concept.

Yes you can still attend Math drop-in tutoring. Our tutors may not be familiar with your specific course but will assist as best to their abilities. For further assistance with seeking course-specific help, please contact Jessie Rebl at rebl@arizona.edu.

Tutors can assist students with the concepts and principals involved with the course; however, cannot assist with specific answers for lab reports.

Yes, please check in at the THINK TANK front desk with your Cat card/student number and inform them that you are there for language drop in.

Free drop-in tutoring is offered during finals week; however, the schedule may vary during the week. Please check the posted website hours on the Drop-In Schedule for verification.

THINK TANK tutoring services are offered to all students enrolled in at least 1 credit course for the current semester. If you are in another institution and not enrolled in any University of Arizona credits you can still receive THINK TANK tutoring services via our Community Tutoring program. Click here to learn more about Community Tutoring and schedule your tutoring session.

Our Tutors

CRLA stands for the College Reading and Learning Association. THINK TANK’s Tutor Training has received CRLA’s International Tutor Training Program Certification, which means our tutors are trained according to professional standards.

We are always hiring content area tutors. Please visit the Content Area Tutor page to read details about the position and submit your application.