Community Tutoring

Private tutoring is available for middle and high school students in the following subjects: math (algebra, geometry, and calculus), science (biology, physics, and chemistry), social studies, and language arts.  

Once you confirm your appointment, you will be emailed a Zoom invitation for your session by our Tutor Program Coordinator.

Session times are subject to tutor availability. All bookings are 1-hour-long sessions billed at a rate of $35/session.

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About Our Tutors

Community Tutors are University of Arizona students who have completed THINK TANK's tutor training and continuously attend supplemental skill-enhancing training sessions. Our training program holds the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program Certification. THINK TANK's tutors have shown academic success at the University of Arizona, as well as the ability to communicate and facilitate learning with a diverse population of students.

The scheduling software, provided through Tutor Matching Service, allows for badges to be issued to tutors based on their qualifications. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the badges. Badges will help you to know you are getting a THINK TANK trained and certified tutor.


This indicates that the tutor has been recommended by a faculty member, and received at least 8 hours of tutor training.  The training focuses on basic tutoring skills.

Think Tank Trained Tutor


This indicates that the tutor has completed 17 hours of tutor training and has had at least 25 hours of supervised tutoring experience.

CRLA I Tutor


This indicates that the tutor has completed and additional 10 hours of training focused on advanced tutoring skills, and therefore, is considered an Advanced Tutor. The tutor has also completed at least an additional 25 hours of supervised tutoring, bringing their total to at least 50 hours of tutoring experience.



This indicates that the tutor has completed 10 additional hours of training and is a Master Tutor. This tutor has completed an additional 25 hours of supervised tutoring and therefore has a total of at least 75 hours of tutoring experience. This tutor is a leader and participates in training other tutors.



Quality Guaranteed

THINK TANK and Tutor Matching Service provide a guarantee on the quality of the services provided. You have up to 48 hours after the tutoring session to request a full refund if you feel that the services provided were unsatisfactory.  Requests for refunds are processed through TMS.


  • Tutors cannot guarantee grades on assignments or in courses.
  • Tutors are required to maintain academic integrity.
  • Tutors not associated with the University of Arizona THINK TANK may post their services on the TMS site.  Only tutors with one or more badges from THINK TANK have been trained and supervised to the standards of THINK TANK.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact us at (520) 626-0530 with any questions or if you need help completing your booking.