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About Schedule for Success

For many majors at the University of Arizona, math is a foundational subject and we are committed to providing students with the tools they need to succeed. Schedule for Success combines math strategies and academic support to promote student success at the University of Arizona. Our courses, professional academic coaching, and tutoring services have a positive impact on students’ confidence in their first year and beyond.

Schedule for Success is a program for incoming freshmen who place into Math 100 because:

Their major has a math requirement

their ALEKS PPL Math Placement Assessment, SAT I, or ACT scores place them in Math 100


they do not have a placement score
from 2019 or later

Program Overview


MATH 100: Math Problem Solving (3 units)
  • Hybrid class (meets one day a week in-person, one day online)
  • Each student focuses on math topics in which they need the most improvement or mastery
  • Open office hours at the Math Building (Room 102) where students can come for math tutoring and support
SAS 100AX: Math Success Strategies (2 units)
  • Meets twice a week in-person
  • Topics include test-taking strategies, math anxiety, time management, fixed vs. growth mindset, and motivation
  • THINK TANK tutor in class to provide individualized math tutoring
  • Maximum of 19 students per class, allowing for personalized teaching and support
  • SAS 100AX classes are grouped by major, allowing students to collaborate with peers
Gen Ed Late-start Courses (3 units)


Professional Academic Coaching
  • Learning Specialists are professional staff members at THINK TANK who are passionate about student success and serve as academic coaches.
  • Schedule for Success students meet with a Learning Specialist throughout their first year and discuss academic habits, study strategies, and navigating life as a college student.
  • Schedule for Success students receive unlimited free drop-in tutoring at any THINK TANK location, plus they have access to a designated math tutoring space at La Paz Residence Hall.
  • La Paz Tutoring Hours – Sunday to Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m.

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Phone: 520-621-4058