Below are some general Frequently Asked Questions about THINK TANK. For questions specific to a particular THINK TANK service, please see the section of the site about that service. You can find all of our services on the List of All Services page.

THINK TANK opened in August 2009 to provide centralized academic support services for University of Arizona students. When we opened, we offered free math and science drop-in tutoring, Writing Center services, peer mentoring, and Supplemental Instruction. We also offered fee-based private tutoring, exam preparation, and academic coaching services. In our first year, we served nearly 4,827 students. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services, added new programs, and increased the number of students we serve. We currently have a staff of 41 professionals, 8 graduate students, and over 240 student employees.

THINK TANK and the SALT Center are both departments in the Student Success and Retention Innovation division that are focused on supporting students and helping them succeed! The SALT Center offers fee-based academic support for students with learning and attention challenges. At THINK TANK, we offer both free and fee-based services open to all students at the university. Students who are enrolled in SALT Center programming can also use THINK TANK services.

We have several graduate assistantships (GA). We post open positions to Handshake and on our Jobs page. We typically begin hiring for GA positions in March or April of every year, although we occasionally have openings mid-year.

We add job postings for any open professional staff positions to Talent.