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Workshops and Studios

The Writing Center offers free workshops and studios to classes and student groups upon request on a variety of writing-related topics. Currently, all workshops will be conducted online via Zoom.


Writing Center Overview
(25 minutes) A student-focused guide to the tutoring services and workshops we offer, what we can help with, how to prepare, and how to get the most out of the experience.
The Writing Process
(45 minutes) A workshop that challenges students to think of their writing as a holistic practice. It covers how to get started, what to do when stuck, and the importance of revision.
Managing Big Writing Projects
(60 minutes) Planning any writing project can be daunting. Projects with lots of moving parts can present special problems. This workshop offers techniques for breaking up bigger projects into smaller, more manageable pieces.
Techniques for Revision
(45 minutes) Revision is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the writing process. Seasoned writers, however, know that dramatic improvements can occur during this phase. This workshop offers several techniques that challenge the way students think of revising and re-visioning their drafts.
Let’s Be Clear
(60 minutes) Every writer can use a refresher (or an introduction) to some basic elements of sentence structure, paragraph organization, and other fundamental writing conventions. This workshop offers strategies for writing more clearly and concisely.
Resumes and Personal Statements
(45 minutes) Professional documents are not just a way of listing work experience or skills; they are, in part, a written display of a candidate’s identity. This workshop challenges participants to think about word choice, phrasing, and structure considering their intended audiences.

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The Writing Studio is a more collaborative companion to any of the workshop topics above. Several tutors, depending on the size of your course or group, help facilitate group activities and discussion related to the topic of your choice. We can also offer a sequence of multiple visits that include both presentation and studio sessions.

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