Test Prep FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


We cannot guarantee any particular score increase. Your personal outcomes will depend on your initial familiarity with the material, the time you spend on practice outside of class, and the effort you put into mastering the content of the test.

It is helpful if you are familiar with exam content but it is not required. It can be beneficial to take the course without studying topics beforehand. The courses provide a review of key exam content to give students an idea of what content to expect. Through that review, the practice tests, and the practice problems assigned in the course, students can get a better idea of what topics or content they need to focus on. Students in the course can also make individual appointments with the instructors to review specific exam concepts.

This timeframe varies based on your individual needs, but most people spend an average of 3-5 months studying for these exams. Regardless of how much time you plan spend studying, we recommend taking a course when you start studying for the exam to give you a good foundation for your preparation.

There will be homework assigned after every session. Additional practice will be necessary if you want to improve your scores by any significant margin.

Yes, you are welcome to sign up for the class, but note that students are responsible for independently reviewing and catching up on what they miss in class.

No. THINK TANK prep courses are not credit-bearing and will not affect your GPA.

Our courses are offered as a service from the University of Arizona to support our students and community. Because we are a public university, we do not need to charge premiums to generate a profit.

Our instructors are experienced professionals in test preparation and highly trained in the content they teach. They are all college graduates; most hold advanced degrees.


Some courses fill up more quickly than others, depending on the popularity of the test and the time of year the course is offered. If you are interested in taking a course it is best to sign up as soon as possible. Our course registration remains open until the first day of class or until the course is full. Once a course is full, you may be placed on a waiting list by sending a request to prep@arizona.edu.

Yes, all of our courses are open to any interested party.

Our courses cover a broad range of content and strategies necessary for success on the official tests. They are designed to benefit all kinds of students and cannot be broken into parts. If you feel you only need support for one portion of a test, one-on-one tutoring is available for all tests for a fee per session. Please contact prep@arizona.edu for more information.

No, you will not sign up for the official test through this course. To sign up for the official test, you will need to visit the relevant testing website:

  1. GRE: https://www.ets.org/gre
  2. LSAT: https://www.lsac.org
  3. MCAT: https://www.aamc.org

Course scholarships and fee reductions are available to eligible applicants. Please see the Fee Reduction and Scholarships page for more information.

Discounts are available for current University of Arizona students, alumni, and employees, and for members of the military. These discounts may also be applied to children of the above. Please email prep@arizona.edu or call (520) 626-9873 for more information. Only one discount is permitted per registration

Currently enrolled University of Arizona students can opt to have the course fee billed to their Bursar’s account. Enrollment is verified by staff during registration.