Request an Academic Skills Workshop

Request an Academic Skills Workshop

Do you have a class or group meeting that might benefit from an Academic Skills Workshop? We can deliver FREE presentations on the academic skills needed to get through college.

Workshop Title 

College Success Strategies 

Learning how to navigate and survive college can be overwhelming at times. In this workshop, we will help you develop a routine with a weekly schedule, become familiar with active learning strategies, and identify and understand what resources the university offers.  

Confidence and Clarity on Stage: Tips for Public Speaking

Public speaking is an important life skill, and a thing many people fear. This workshop will help you find strategies to stay confident and convey your message clearly. 

Connecting with Faculty and Classmates as an Online Student 

Many students find it more difficult to get to know their professor and other students when completing their coursework online. We'll share strategies for connecting with faculty, your classmates, and other students at UA and creating relationships that will help you succeed. 

Exercise as a Learning Strategy

Ever opt out of physical exercise in order to make time for studying? In this workshop, we’ll share some reasons that prioritizing exercise will benefit both your health and grades. This workshop also offers opportunities to reflect on your past experiences and future goals with exercise, and help you find ways to create an ongoing habit of movement. 

Getting the Most Out of Online Lectures 

Online lectures, whether live or recorded, can be a challenge, but also offer some advantages. This workshop will share strategies for staying focused, retaining information, and being engaged in online lectures. Find some new tools to help you get the most benefit from your lectures. 

Goal Setting 

We’ll be covering everything from the different types of goals to staying motivated and keeping up with our goals. You’ll even get the opportunity to create your very own SMART goals. This workshop will review: point of development, types of goals, SMART goals, and motivation. 

Group Projects 

During your college career, you will be expected to work collaboratively with other students. In this workshop, we’ll be covering everything from productively engaging in discussion to strategies to being a successful group. You’ll even get to leave with the opportunity and tools to create a personalized structured group project plan. 

Joining the Academic Conversation Presented by THINK TANK’s Writing Center

Each time a writer quotes the work of another writer, they are jumping into an ongoing conversation within a given discipline. For many students, learning how to navigate this conversation, especially one with multiple sources, is one of the big hurdles of academic writing. This workshop will go over the basics of quoting, paraphrasing, and citing texts, as well as how to avoid accidentally plagiarizing in the process. 

Managing Time and Staying Organized in Online Classes 

Online courses offer a lot of flexibility, but for many students, this can often make time management more difficult. This workshop will talk about strategies for getting organized, giving yourself structure, creating routines and staying on track. 

Note Taking & Strategies for Reading 

During this workshop, we’ll demonstrate strategies that will help you work with information from both textbooks and lectures. You’ll learn the difference between active and passive learning and how to employ active reading strategies to further your retention. We can help you learn how to identify relevant information from reading assignments and take notes to maximize learning so you don’t wind up reading a textbook without remembering any of the information you just read. 

Preparing for Final Exams 

Preparing for final exams can be difficult, but in the Preparing for Final Exams workshop, we can show you several ways to make your final exams less stressful. From study methods like learning how to effectively utilize flashcards to time management techniques, like the 8-day study plan. We have the tools to make this round of final exams your most successful and least stressful yet! 

Staying Focused and Motivated in Online Courses 

Working from home brings a whole variety of distractions that can make it difficult to focus on your classes. In this workshop, we'll look at ways to create a positive learning environment at home and share strategies to keep your motivation up throughout the semester. 

Strategies for Success in Online Classes 

Online classes are convenient, but challenging!  This workshop will walk you through some of the common difficulties students face in online classes and help you build the game plan you will need to succeed. 

Stress Management & Test Anxiety 

Tests are hard enough without the anxiety and stress that comes with them. In this workshop we’ll show you some relaxation methods to help conquer your anxiety, manage your stress, and stay cool-headed while taking exams. Learn about study techniques that minimize anxiety and how to mimic your test environment to calm your nerves before your test. 

Test Prep and Test-Taking Strategies 

In this workshop, we will go over strategies that will help you study more efficiently. If you find yourself rereading your notes or not remembering the material you studied, this workshop is for you!  

Thriving in Math 

Math can be an intimidating subject for many students, but if you come to our Thriving in Math workshop, we’ll give you strategies  to take better notes, prepare for tests, and find help on campus that will strengthen your understanding.  

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When submitting a workshop request, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Workshop request(s) must be made at least one week in advance.
  • Provide a few options of dates and times that would work for your group.
  • Workshops are one hour long; please plan accordingly.
  • All workshops will occur online via Zoom.

If you have questions or concerns about the above guidelines or general questions about this FREE service offered by the Academic Skills program, please email us!

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