Supplemental Instruction

SI Online

For Fall 2021, Supplemental Instruction is offering online sessions for the following courses:

  • ASTR 170B1
  • CHEM 101B, 130, 151, 152, 241A/B
  • LAS 105B1
  • MATH 112
  • MCB 181R
  • NSC 170C1
  • PHYS 102, 103, 141, 241
  • PSIO 201, 202
  • RELI 150B1
  • SPAN 160C1

SI leaders are peers that work with students in live sessions hosted via Zoom throughout the week. The SI sessions are led by trained students who have previously taken the course and attend every lecture. SI Leaders cover challenging course material and provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and collaborate with classmates.

To join an SI Online session and view the schedule of upcoming sessions, please visit the Online Services page.