Writing Center

Fee-Based Appointments

Some students may benefit from more intensive or regular sessions with our professional staff members. Booking private appointments allows you to select recurring sessions with the same professional tutor, review longer or more complex documents, benefit from additional continuity and customization as you develop your writing skills.

These one-hour private appointments are ideal for graduate students working on extended writing projects, such as dissertations, theses, and scholarly articles. English Language Learners may also find the consistency of these sessions beneficial.

The fee for private appointments is $50 per session and will be charged to your bursar account.

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Private Appointment Policies

  • Student must register, using their university email, with TimeTap to book appointments.
  • All bookings are subject to approval by WC administrative staff.
  • By signing up for an appointment, the student agrees that automatic payment will draft from bursar.
  • Students can book Private Appointments through entirety of the semester.

The Writing Center’s services are available to all students enrolled at the University of Arizona regardless of campus designation or graduate/undergraduate status.

Tutors may help with any piece of writing unless the professor has explicitly forbidden the use of the Writing Center’s services in writing. Since tutors offer helpful feedback as outside readers and do not provide content-based instruction, any potential questions of authorship are immaterial.

Students must cancel fee based appointments no later than 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are not canceled will be registered as a ‘no show’ and charged to the student’s bursar account. After 3 no-shows, the student loses the privilege of booking appointments through the Writing Center’s online scheduler and must meet with a Writing Center Administrator in order for their access to the system to be reinstated.

If a student loses the privilege of booking appointments through Writing Center’s online scheduler a second time within the semester (for a total of 6 no-shows), all subsequent appointments will be cancelled and the student will not be reinstated until the beginning of the following semester.

In case of an emergency in which the student cannot access Writing Center’s online scheduler to cancel their appointment, they may reach Kaylin Holden, Writing Center Program Coordinator, at kaylinholden@arizona.edu or (520) 626-1952.