Student Guide to TutorTrac

This guide will show you how to use TutorTrac to schedule appointments for:

I. How to Log in to TutorTrac

Go to and log in with your university NetID and password.

II. The Main Menu

Once you log in, you will see the main menu screen:

TutorTrac Main Menu


  1. "TutorTrac Main Menu" window
    • The Upcoming Appointments box lists the future appointments you have scheduled. Click the gray  X icon  button at the end of an appointment to cancel it.
    • The THINK TANK Notice box displays an introductory message which links to the cancellation policy as well as this TutorTrac guide.
  2. “Student Options” box:
    • The Search Availability button will take you to the search page, where you can schedule an appointment.
    • The Visit History button will take you to a page showing a list of your past appointments.
  3. “Messages” box:
    • The Messages box shows notifications you have received related to your scheduled appointments.

III. How to Schedule an Appointment

  1. From the Main Menu, click the Search Availability button to go to the search page.

TutorTrac Student Search Screenshot

  1. In the Search Criteria box on the left side, choose the Center for the type of appointment you’re looking for.
  2. For Free In-Person Tutoring, Private Tutoring, and Math Exam Prep sessions, select your course from the Section dropdown below.
  3. Set other search options if you wish:
    • Search for a specific tutor’s availability using the Consultant dropdown.
    • Set a different date range to search using the From and To boxes.
    • Adjust the time of day by dragging the left and right sliders under Time.
    • Select whether to search particular days of the week under Days.
  4. Click the Search button to view the available time slots based on your search criteria.
  5. To make an appointment, click on one of the available time slots.
  6. In the Appointments Entry window, confirm that the information is correct and then click the Save button to schedule the appointment.
    1. To schedule recurring appointments, click the Weekly checkbox next to “Recurring Appt Type”.

TutorTrac Student Appointment Entry

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel an appointment?

Go to the main menu screen, find your appointment in the list under “Upcoming Appointments”, and then click on the gray  X icon  button.

You can cancel appointments in TutorTrac up to 24 hours in advance. If you are cancelling an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, please visit our Contact Us page to speak with a staff member or to leave a message about the cancellation.

Why does it say “no results found” when I search for an Exam Prep session?

  • Make sure you have selected the right course and date range to search for in the left sidebar. You can check the Math Exam Prep page to confirm the dates when sessions will be offered for your course.
  • If an Exam Prep session is listed on the website but is not showing in your search results, the session may be full. Please contact us to check availability.

How do I get a record of the times I've used THINK TANK services?

Go to the main menu screen. In the Student Options box in the upper left corner of the page, click on the Visit History button.