Test Prep & Test-Taking Strategies

In this workshop, we will go over specific methods for how to prepare for tests more efficiently, including concept cards, flashcards, and crib sheets. Don’t waste any more of your time just reading over your notes and not being able to remember the material for your test. We’ll even go over information about what test preparation strategies work best for different subjects. If you come by our Test-Prep and Test-Taking Strategies Workshop, we can share some insight to make the whole testing experience less painful.

This workshop is available online via Zoom.

About Online Workshops

All online workshops are held using the Zoom video conferencing software, which is free for all UA students.

  • To create your Zoom account, go to arizona.zoom.us, click the blue Sign in button, and sign in with your UA NetID and password.
  • To ensure the Zoom app is set up correctly on your computer, you can join a test meeting at zoom.us/test.
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How to Join

At the appropriate time, sign in to Zoom and then click arizona.zoom.us/my/thinktankworkshops.


8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Nov. 8, 2021