Academic Skills


Time Management

Semester on a Page - Fall 2020
Term on a Page (7-Week) - Fall 2020
Term on a Page (5-Week) - Fall 2020
Weekly Planning Tool
Where Does All The Time Go?

Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies Self Assessment
Reading to Learn and Remember-SQRRR
Tips for Difficult Readings
Guide to the SQ3R Method
Vary Your Reading Based on Subject

Exam Preparation and Test Taking

Exam Prep Self Assessment
Concept Cards
8 Day Study Plan
Study Cycle
Strategic Test Taking
Spaced Review
Analyze Exam Results
Multiple Choice Exam Strategies
Active Study Strategies
Test Taking Tips for Different Types of Exams
Develop Your Study Strategies

Anxiety & Stress Management

Stress Management Self Assessment
Student Stress Checklist
Talking Yourself Through Test Anxiety
Stress Management Techniques
Journaling Anxiety
A Relaxation Habit