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And it comes in many different forms, including Drop-in, Online, Individual Appointments, Exam Preps and more! Let our CRLA Certified Tutors help you.

The Writing Center

Do you want to feel more confident about your writing? Do you need help making sure you are "doing it right"? Do you want to learn how to organize your ideas or how to effectively use semi-colons? No matter what your needs are or what your writing project is, the peer tutors at the Writing Center are dedicated to helping you to find ways to draft and revise that work for you so you can become the successful writer you want to be.

To help you meet your goals, the Writing Center has three types of sessions; each one gives you a different kind of writing support so you can choose what you need most at any given writing moment. You don’t have to have finished your paper, or have even started writing! You can come with just the assignment sheet, your notes or ideas, or a draft – and you can always come with questions.

Fifteen minute drop-in and 30-minute appointment sessions are free.  The one-hour individual appointment sessions are fee based.

When should I go to drop-in?

The 15 minute, free drop-in sessions are there if you want to…

  • Get feedback on one key issue, like your introduction or how you use commas
  • Have a sounding board for your ideas as you begin your project
  • Spend a few minutes every day on a different aspect of your project

When should I make a 30-minute appointment?

The 30 minute, free appointments are there if you want to…

When should I schedule an hour appointment?

Hour long, fee based appointments are there if you want to…

  •  Spend a longer time with a tutor to work on a larger project
  • Get more in-depth support on any aspect of your writing

Online Writing Center Tutoring

If you prefer to work on your paper from the privacy of your own home, you can drop in via our online Writing Center tutoring. For more information regarding Online tutoring CLICK HERE.

Plagiarism Prevention Workshops

Are you not certain exactly what constitutes plagiarism? Do you want to learn skills to help you prevent inadvertently misusing sources when you write? Do you need to brush up your skills for effective paraphrasing and citing of research texts? If so, then the Plagiarism Prevention Workshop is for you! Click Here for more information.

Don't see the type of support you're looking for?

Check our Resources page and our library of writing handouts.

“This was very helpful. Even 30 minutes can make the biggest difference.”  Ellen W., freshman, Pre-Education

“[The tutor] is very helpful and very specific. She pointed out my mistakes but let me fix them myself and later explained why. This session has been very helpful!”  Khanh T., Senior, Biology

“This session was very helpful to see a different perspective on the paper and give suggestions to make it better and easier to read.” Vanessa M., Senior, Veterinary Science

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